artist. writer. little guy. problem solver.

About the artist

Hi! I'm Keely!
I'm an artist with a passion for effective communication with tools like movement, design, images, sounds, words, and colors, and using those tools to communicate super cool and interesting stuff. I thrive on novelty and I try to bring a problem-solving attitude to everything I tackle. When I’m not doing that, I also enjoy telling jokes, fiddling with computers, figuring out why stuff works, and picking up cool rocks off the ground. I look forward to working with you!

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Site Credits

The base css of this site was Milligram, though it has been mangled gratuitously in line with its license. Javascript module Chocolat provides the ability to click and see images in a larger lightbox display. This beautiful mess is hosted on neocities. thanks!

horrifyingly red abstract shapes

picture of me