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Hello and welcome to my very own website! Forgive my appearance, as I am learning to build a website from scratch - small-batch, locally-sourced, artisanal, handcrafted HTML and CSS, with a bit of imported javascript thrown in for flavor. How fun!
Proper images and words are currently in the pipes (listen! can you hear them?), but aren't all the way here yet. Feel free to explore, but please pardon any dust.

If you are a recruiter, please use the above link to view my portfolio as currently hosted on Wordpress, as that version is the most polished right now. :) Thank you!


A collaborative film produced in Fall 2020 at CSULB. I contributed beatboards, storyboards, key animation, and ink and paint.

View my specific work for this film on its project page here.

This film was featured as an official selection in the Florida Animation Festival!


Online School – The room I live in and the eyes that watch me at all times. Fall 2020.
This is a 360 degree video, best viewed on mobile Youtube with the use of a phone-based VR headset. If on desktop, remember to watch fullscreen and click and drag to look around, or use the navigational circle at top left!

Triangle Hunt. Fall 2020

Illustration (placeholders)



    Short story "We Hold On" published in Quantum Entanglement, a charity fan zine for the video game Half Life (under pen name "Throcky"), Fall 2020

Editing and Proofing


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  • Construction Yard
  • Google.com (improved version)
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