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Terrus pedestrianae, colloquially known as the stop sign stalker, is a notoriously shy urban creature. Their glowing eyes are said to be a bad omen for speedy drivers. These images mark the first documentation of an adult and juvenile of the species in their native habitat - using their three eyes and the extrasensory, dotlike organs around them to avoid their only known predator, the human automobile. Such organs are only fully developed once the stalker reaches adulthood - therefore, adults take the safety of their offspring near busy roads very seriously. ceramics installation. winter 2021

Medical Bills (fall 2020).

Online School – The room I live in and the eyes that watch me at all times. Fall 2020.

This is a 360 degree video, best viewed on mobile Youtube with the use of a phone-based VR headset. If on desktop, remember to watch fullscreen and click and drag to look around, or use the navigational circle at top left!

Triangle Hunt. Fall 2020

Editing work

Testimonial compilation for No Macarena DJ and Custom Music Service.

REACH OUT AND TOUCH FAITH, an AMV for Control (2019) by Remedy Games. 2022

Doom-inspired birthday invitation. 2022