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Hi Netflix!

This is my page just for you! It encompasses some relevant work from my broader website and some things that are a this-page special. Please feel free to explore the rest of my site - I learned to use yet another adobe program AND taught myself to code to make it (and the art is good too!) but if you're in a hurry, this should be all the relevant stuff.

Boards, etc.

My thesis project from my last year at CSULB, Catenary is a comic that progressively reveals each compositional element on a given page. This means that Catenary is best read through with the use of right or left arrow keys, to switch panels without scrolling between them. This creates the effect of new things appearing on each page as though by magic. Feel free to download the PDF to your desktop and open it in your favorite PDF viewer. If using Adobe Acrobat, I recommend pressing the CTRL+L keys to display it fullscreen, and using the same shortcut or the escape key to minimize it when you are done reading.

A thumbnail pass for my thesis project at CSULB, Catenary. - back when it was a short film.

Assorted Drawings